The Soft Solution Cim-Process Engineering

Are you already or thinking of working on the French market, do you need help with your projects or your contacts in France, may be I can help.

I am a freelance Automation and process control engineer living in France with more than twenty years experience in the French industrial automation and process control market mainly in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry.

I have implemented and continue to, different automation projects including for example :

  • Fluid beds
  • Granulators
  • Tablets Coating machines
  • Tableting compression machine
  • Automatic weighting stations/ workshops
  • CIP
  • Packings lines etc...

Scope of my services, which could be talor made to your needs :

  • Project Management
  • Commercial Partner
  • Programming PLC / SCADA /HMI : etc..
  • Commissioning work
  • Computer System Validation in French or English

If you wish more information you can contact me by phone or Email :    ........Contact


  • You have a problem in automation or process control
  •  You want to communicate between machines (M2M)
  • Your automation equipment are out of date.
  • You want more traceability, control or flexibilty
  • You would like to visualise production data anywhere in your plant
  • You would to use local data stored by your Scada systems.
  • You would like automatic high precision weighing system
  • You are looking for help in the french market, commercial or technic.

    May be Cim-Process Engineering can help, Contact us :