The Soft Solution Cim-Process Engineering

Cim-Process Engineering has gained proven experience in offering a Consultancy, Design and Software Support service to the Process Industries.
CIM or S95 levels

 Level 4 

 ERP : MES-Scada interfacing
 Level 3 MES : Interfacing Design, Data exchange and production reporting (S95)
 Level 2 Scada: Design and Programming, Production control, Tracebility, Archiving/Reporting, S88, CSV(computer system validation)
 Level 1 PLC : Design and programming, PLC, HMI, Network and fieldbus implemntation, CSV
 Level 0 Process/Equipment : Design and conception process and control equipment.

Our services that we provide can cover levels 0 to 3 of the CIM pyramid and interface with the level 4.

Our multi-disciplined team has specialist expertise in Process Optimisation, Batch Processing,Scada and Control System Technologies,

Scope of Services... Since the formation of Cim-Process Engineering considerable process engineering and control expertise has been accumulated in the pharmaceutical and food industry .

This experience includes the complete process engineering and validation, as well as detailed involvement on specific unit operations.

The principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (G.M.P.) and Drug Authority Approval procedures are well appreciated. Please find herebelow some examples :


  • Fluid bed, Granulation and drying units- trains
  • Solvent extraction
  • CIP
  • Powder weighing, handling and milling
  • Upgrading existing equipments : Granulator, BSI Tank mixers
  • Turbo sphere granulator
  • Tablet Coating machines
  • PLC/Scada interfacing with MES / ERP
  • Design and conception specific Mini-MES software
  • Building management systems (BMS)

Food and drinks : 

  • Product preparation supply chain 
  • Système de conduite et automatisme Lignes conditionnements 
  • Clean in place (CIP) 
  • Automatisme NEP - CIP 
  • Filling machines (milk, water, Yoghurt, fruit juice) 
  • Automatisme machine de remplissage yaourt 
  • Building managment systems (BMS) 
  • Système Gestion Technique Centralisé (GTC) 
  • M2M communication software, design and conception. 
  • Développement des applications de communication et acquisition de données aux équipement hétérogènes

Chermical : 

  • Batch Reactor Control 
  • Système de conduite et automatisme des réacteurs chimiques 
  • Storage tank control 
  • Gestion des bassins de stockage chimiques
  • etc.

Heavy industry : 

  • Continouse galvination trains 
  • Système de conduite et automatisme Lignes galvanisation en continue 
  • Autoclave and surface treatment. 
  • Autoclave et traitement de surface

Others : 

  • Automatic Sealock for fishing boats
  • Automatic river Bridges 
  • Plastic molding machines